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Wombat mange medicine

May 15, 2019 12.12 pm by. Lyndell

If you see a wombat burrow with a plastic lid and a small tin filled with fluid hanging across the burrow, please be aware this is wombat mange medicine. This medicine helps cure the terrible mange on the wombat with usually only three doses.

How this works is very simple. When the wombat leaves the burrow, it pushes against the flap of the plastic lid. Just enough tilt to tip the medicine on the wombat’s back.

Then over three times of refill, the wombat has had sufficient treatment to fully recover from the mange.

So, it is important for everyone to know, that this is a treatment to help the wombat and therefore, to not touch or remove the flap.

If you see a wombat walking around in the day time and looks scrappy, please note where the wombat is, and especially if you see it go into a burrow! Then call John, who will come out as soon as possible and set up the treatment flap with the medicine

This is ongoing care in Bundanoon for our wombats. We can all help to make a difference to the happiness of our wombats.