WOMBAT CARE BUNDANOON…Caring for the orphaned, injured and manged. Releasing the healthy and healed

WELCOME to our Web-site……and Welcome to our ‘Wombat Burrow Home!”


Wombat Care Bundanoon was established to help, advise, support and educate more people in the Southern Highlands to understand these strong, intelligent, lovable, quiet and nocturnal creatures. We hope to assist our community, and the larger communities out there, in living in better harmony with our wildlife and with each other.

We also hope to encourage people to take more care on the roads, be mindful (especially from dusk to dawn) and just slow down a bit in wildlife active areas. This alone would make a huge difference in the amount of road deaths and injured and animals in care. Your awareness, and slowing down on your travels, can go a very long way as well as saving precious lives out there. Certainly, we all can do this….and we all can do better.

Also,…We ask that if you cannot stop and check the pouches of the dead mothers, that you please note the location of any wombat or wildlife sighted and give the numbers below a quick call. That simple phone call can save a joey, or relieve an injured animals further suffering.

Lastly, If you sight a wombat out in the daytime, and/or with scabs across it’s body ( can also be over it’s eyes and ears) It may likely be suffering from mange, and in need of immediate attention. PLEASE call us as soon as you can. We will work hard to fix this…. We are here to help!

Please call John on 0490 659 245 for advice when you do find a manged, helpless, sick or injured wombat.

OR If we are unavailable, Please call Wildlife Rescue South Coast. They have a fantastic Wildlife Rescue Hot-line ( No Recordings.. a caring volunteer will answer the phone and get help for you ASAP) that is available, free, and operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   0418 427 214 ( Please, put those numbers into your phone)

Let us help.

Thank you very Much!