What can we do? How we can help?

Wombats are constantly in danger every evening they go out foraging. Not just from predators. It’s cars that mostly kill or injure the wombat. If you see a newly hit wombat, or you have unfortunately hit one, if safe to do so, pull over. Put on your HiVis vest and then check to see if the wombat is alive. Don’t try to move an injured wombat as it is very strong and could injure you in its fright and pain. Call 0490 659 245 Or, if the wombat is dead and female, check the pouch for a joey, do not try to pull off the joey as this could damage the jaw. If you can, cut the teat off the dead mother or call 0490 659 245 Sometimes the joey could have been flung off the mother and hiding in the bush close by. Try to have a look around the area. Many wildlife carers have a coloured spray can to mark the dead wombat as checked. This saves a second person or more from stopping and checking the wombat.

The other great danger to the wombat’s life is mange. Mange on a wombat, if left untreated will eventually compromise this little creature’s life and will lead eventually to a slow, painful death. It is sadly easy to spot a wombat with mange, it’s normally thick, healthy coat will look cracked and dry, with parts of hard, peeling skin showing through the pelt. The wombat may be out in full sun and appears to be deaf and blind. If mange is caught in the early stages, it is treatable and the wombat will over time return to its happy healthy self. It’s eyesight and hearing will return too. Call 0490 659 245  and take note of the location and landmarks for a faster rescue. Treatment is either the direct application or a Burrow Flap. They don’t survive being brought into care so it is best that they are treated in their habitat.

Wombat Care Bundanoon will advise you on the medication or they will manage the wombat and its mange. Either way, another wombat is being helped and given that second chance. However, if the wombat is emitting a putrid dead smell and is flyblown, this usually and indicates a secondary infection. At this stage, it is kinder to euthanize. So handy things to have in your car for helping wombats; A sharp pocket knife, gloves, torch, old blanket, a HiViz vest and a coloured spray paint can.